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Front-run the market, snipe keys, and maximize profits with limit orders.
Buy their keys for cheap when they join!
Don't just lead the market, snipe it.

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Take trading keys to the next level

Deploy unmatched customisation

Deploy unmatched customisation

FriendSniper's significant customisation options ensures you're sniping with unparalleled precision.

Auto-Sniper is always watching

Auto-Sniper is always watching never sleeps - but you do. Our Auto-Sniper feature ensures you can maintain your edge 24/7.

Fastest product on the market

Fastest product on the market

You wont find another product that beats us on speed.

Share our revenue holding $FSNIPE

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Revenue share

50% of bot fees and 1.25% of trading volume is distributed to holders with more than 2500 $FSNIPE

Reduced fees

Hold 50k $FSNIPE and pay 0% fees when using $FSNIPE

Exclusive features

Auto-Sniper & intelliSnipe reserved for Sniper Elite & Snipe Master token holders respectfully.

How to use FriendSniper

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start using the sniper?

It's as easy as messaging our bot @FrenSnipeBot on Telegram - and going through the steps in front of you.

How to get notifications? Can I filter them to find specific accounts?

After registering with the bot, click the 'Notifications' button to receive notifications when newly registered usershave funded their account. Click the 'Filter Notifs.' button to streamline your feed to your preferences.

How to set auto-sniper?

You will need to buy 10k $FSNIPE and transfer them to your bot wallet - then click on Auto-Sniper to input yourdesired configuration for accounts to auto-snipe. P.S. With 10k tokens you get access to the Elite Sniper chat - come say GM!

Can I buy on the same block as the key owner?

Yes! Exclusively to those holding 50k tokens of $FSNIPE - see our docs for more information on this advanced feature.

Is it possible to copy-trade other users?

With FriendSniper it is! Buy our key with your bot account - and press "copy trade" to set this function up.

Can I access chat key-rooms I snipe through the bot?

Yes! Import your private key from to snipe using your official account! You can then access any accounts you've purchased in the FT app.